Primary Elections

SECTION 17-15-8

§ 17-15-8. Listing of candidates on ballots.

The secretary of state shall immediately, upon receipt of the certificates provided for by chapter 14 of this title, cause the proper ballots to be prepared for use in the various voting districts. Names of party candidates for a particular office shall be printed vertically below the names of the office they seek and shall not appear on the ballot more than once for the same office; provided, the names of candidates having the endorsement of their party committees shall be printed first below the title of the offices they seek and shall be marked with an asterisk (*). As to each candidate, following the endorsed party candidate, for a national office, a general office within the state, or for a general assembly office, the names shall be listed in an order chosen by lot under the direction of the secretary of state. As to each candidate, following the endorsed party candidate, for a city, town, or other local election, the names shall be listed alphabetically after the name of the endorsed party candidate. In the event that there are more candidates for a particular office than the voting machine can accommodate in the vertical column, the names shall be continued in the same manner in the next succeeding vertical column. Names of candidates shall be printed upon the ballots as the names appear on the voting list, notwithstanding that the candidate may have signed his or her declaration of candidacy other than as the candidate's name appears on the voting list.

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