Elective Meetings

SECTION 17-18-12

§ 17-18-12. Adjournment of ward and district meetings.

In cities other than the city of Providence, and in towns divided into voting districts, ward and district meetings held in those cities and towns, respectively, for the election of city, town, ward, and voting district officers, or any of them, shall, at the time of the closing the polls prescribed by law, stand adjourned to the seventh (7th) day next from and after the appointed day unless the seventh (7th) day falls on a legal or religious holiday, and in that event to the day following the holiday, with like adjournment from the holiday; provided, that there shall be no election held on Saturday, and if the day of any adjournment falls on Saturday, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the Monday following, unless that Monday is a legal or religious holiday, in which case the adjourned election shall proceed on the next following day which is not a legal or religious holiday.

History of Section.
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