Conduct of Election and Voting Equipment, and Supplies

SECTION 17-19-16

§ 17-19-16. State election inspectors – Appointment – Duties – Training – Compensation.

The state board may appoint and issue commissions to qualified electors of this state to be election inspectors assigned to some or all election polling places. On the day before any election, the state board may assign an election inspector to one or more polling place as the state board may determine. Each election inspector shall receive a sum, not exceeding sixty dollars ($60.00), to be fixed by the state board for each election at which the inspector serves. Each election inspector shall hold office at the pleasure of the state board, and shall observe the conduct of the elections at which the inspector is assigned to serve, and immediately report to the state board any irregularities the inspector may observe. The state inspectors shall also perform any other and further duties that may be assigned to the inspectors by the state board, and may be required to attend a training session conducted by the state board, for attendance at which the inspector shall be entitled to receive an additional twenty-five dollars ($25.00); provided, that the inspector is assigned to the performance of duties on election day and actually performs those duties.

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