Conduct of Election and Voting Equipment, and Supplies

SECTION 17-19-19

§ 17-19-19. Custody of machines during voting.

During the time that the polls are open, and until the optical scan precinct count unit and voted computer ballots are finally locked and sealed and the removable keys thereof sealed up for transmission to the state board as provided in this chapter, the optical scan precinct count units, memory cartridges, and voted computer ballots shall remain in the care and custody of the warden, who shall see that the voting equipment is not defaced or injured by any voter or any other person. During the entire time in which the polls are open for voting, the ballot compartments shall be kept closed and locked; provided, that the emergency bin compartment slot shall be opened as provided in § 17-19-20. The vote totals are not to be printed under any circumstances during the time the polls are open for voting.

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