Conduct of Election and Voting Equipment, and Supplies

SECTION 17-19-26

§ 17-19-26. Models for instruction – Assistance to voters in marking their ballot.

Any person desiring information or assistance in voting on election day shall apply to the warden, who shall instruct the person by the use of the sample ballots. If a voter needs assistance in casting his or her vote itself, and requests this assistance, the warden shall direct the second or additional bipartisan pair to instruct or assist the voter. The bipartisan pair shall enter the voting booth with the voter and instruct the voter in the marking of his or her ballot, and if the voter has no further need of them, they shall both withdraw before the voter casts his or her vote. If, the voter is unable to mark his or her ballot, the bipartisan pair shall mark the ballot for the voter as he or she directs, but unless ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction, neither member of the pair shall disclose for whom and how the voter voted. In every case of this nature, both members of the bipartisan pair shall enter and leave the voting booth together, and it shall be a violation of this chapter for either to enter or remain alone.

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