Conduct of Election and Voting Equipment, and Supplies

SECTION 17-19-46

§ 17-19-46. False instructions as to marking a computer ballot and the operation of optical scan precinct count units.

Whoever, with intent to defraud a voter of his or her vote, or to cause a voter to lose his or her vote, gives in any way, or prints, writes, circulates, or causes to be written, printed, or circulated, any improper, false, misleading, or incorrect instructions or advice or suggestions of how to vote by computer ballot in conjunction with the optical scan precinct count unit, the following of which would cause any voter to lose his or her votes or would cause him or her to fail to register or record the votes on the optical scan precinct count unit for any candidate or question according to his or her choice, shall be guilty of a felony.

History of Section.
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