Conduct of Election and Voting Equipment, and Supplies

SECTION 17-19-9

§ 17-19-9. Party emblems.

The emblem of the democratic party shall be the representation of a star. The emblem of the republican party shall be the representation of an eagle. The emblem of any political organization qualifying as a "political party", as defined in this title, shall be selected by the state chairperson of the party; provided, that the emblem shall be entirely different for each political party and may be any appropriate symbol, but neither the coat of arms, or seal of any state or of the United States, the national or state flag, any religious emblem or symbol, the seal of any society, the portrait or likeness of any person, or the representation of a coin or of the currency of the United States, shall be chosen as an emblem. Whenever any emblem has been selected and used upon official ballots for any political party, it shall not thereafter be used for any other political party.

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