Mail Ballots

SECTION 17-20-24

§ 17-20-24. Irregularities not impairing validity of ballots.

(a) No ballot transmitted under the provisions of this chapter shall be rejected for any immaterial addition, omission, or irregularity in the preparation or execution of the computer ballot, nor for failure of the voter to affix sufficient postage. No ballot shall be invalid by reason of mistake or omission in writing in the name of any candidate where the candidate intended by the voter is plainly identifiable. Where, because of any defect in marking, a ballot is held invalid as to any particular candidate for office, it shall remain valid as to the candidates for other offices. No ballot shall be invalid by reason of the voter writing upon the inner envelope the name of a community within a town in place of the name of the town. No defect in the marking of the appropriate space associated with casting a vote shall invalidate any ballot or a vote for any candidate, where the intention of the voter is clearly indicated.

(b) No ballot shall be rejected if the intention of the voter is clear unless it contains clear evidence of the identity of the voter.

History of Section.
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