Reporting of Political Contributions by State Vendors

SECTION 17-27-2

§ 17-27-2. Affidavits required.

In connection with contracts for goods or services to be provided at a cost of five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more between a state vendor and a state agency, whether written or unwritten, the state vendor shall execute, under oath, an affidavit concerning reportable contributions pursuant to chapter 25 of this title. If the state vendor has, within the twenty-four (24) months preceding the date of the contract, contributed an aggregate amount in excess of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) within a calendar year to any general officer, any candidate for a general office, any member of the general assembly or candidate for the general assembly, or any political party; the state vendor shall file the affidavit with the board of elections and shall list the name of the general officer, member of the general assembly or candidate or political party, the amount and date of each contribution made during the preceding twenty-four (24) months and the total gross amount, in dollars, of contracts entered into between the state vendor and all state agencies during that period of time.

History of Section.
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