Voter Choice Act

SECTION 17-29-2

§ 17-29-2. Legislative declaration.

(a) The general assembly hereby finds and declares that:

(1) Majority rule is a fundamental principle of representative democracy, and the state's election laws should uphold and facilitate this principle.

(2) In an election where more than two (2) candidates are running for an office, the candidate who receives a plurality of the votes may actually be opposed by the majority of voters.

(3) The state's current voting method limits voters' choices and contributes to lower voter participation.

(4) It is in the public interest to examine Rhode Island's voting method and consider comprehensive reforms that would expand the choices realistically available to voters, increase participation, address the concerns of the major political parties, save money, and increase accountability.

(b) The general assembly further finds and declares that instant runoff voting and other advanced voting methods have the potential to:

(1) Expand the range of choices available to voters by allowing them to vote for candidates of minor political parties or unaffiliated candidates without fear of giving an advantage to the candidate they least prefer;

(2) Reduce both election administration costs and campaign expenditures by combining primary and general elections; and

(3) Promote campaigns that are more positive and focused on issues because candidates will seek to appeal to opponents' supporters as a second choice.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2011, ch. 386, § 1.)