Secretary of State

SECTION 17-6-5

§ 17-6-5. Registration lists available to political parties and candidates.

(a) Upon application in writing, the secretary of state shall, upon request, furnish prepaid at a reasonable price to be established annually by the secretary and at a reasonable time, to the state chairperson of each political party and to each person proposing to be a duly qualified candidate for state or congressional office and to no one else except as provided in this chapter, lists of registered voters as they appear in the central voter registry of each city or town or of each senatorial or representative district, or of each congressional district.

(b) These lists, so furnished, shall be used by the chairpersons for political purposes, or by the candidates only in the furtherance of candidacy for political office in the ensuing primary and/or general election and for no other purpose. The information available for each registrant shall consist only of the name, designation of party affiliation, street address, city or town, congressional district, senatorial district, representative district, ward, and/or precinct and nothing else.

(c) The price for these lists shall include update subscriptions as available to the date of the election for which the lists have been requested. These updates shall reflect changes to the registry records, including all new and deleted voters as received by the secretary of state.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 207, § 1.)