Title 17

Chapter 9.1
Registration of Voters

R.I. Gen. Laws 17-9.1-4.1

 17-9.1-4.1.  Registration drives at high schools.

It shall be the duty of local boards to annually conduct a voter registration drive at each high school within the city or town in cooperation with the administration of the schools. Each principal of every public or private high school and director of each vocational school in this state may be a registration agent whose authority shall be limited to receiving and accepting registrations as electors from those qualified applicants who are enrolled as students within the school or are employed within the school. The principal or director may designate one or more persons in the school to serve as registration agents with the same authority as the principal of the school, provided each designation is filed with the local board for the city or town in which the school is located. Each person who is a registration agent pursuant to this section shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his or her duties and shall be subject to removal as a registration agent by the local board for cause shown. All registration made under this section shall be made in accordance with rules and regulations established by the local board of the city or town in which the school is located.

History of Section.
P.L. 1994, ch. 171, 4.