Appointment of Fiduciaries

SECTION 18-2-4

§ 18-2-4. Title in judicially appointed trustees.

In all cases where a trustee or trustees shall be or shall have been appointed under any instrument creating a trust by the order or decree of any court of competent jurisdiction, either within or without the state of Rhode Island, the order or decree shall vest in the appointed trustee or trustees, either solely or jointly with the then surviving or other trustee or trustees, as the case may be, the title of all the trust estate and property, in the same manner as though they had been named as original trustee or trustees in the instrument creating the trust. However, the court, in its discretion, may order the conveyance or other assurance of the trust estate or of any part of the trust estate that it may deem necessary or proper for more effectually vesting the trust estate.

History of Section.
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