Powers of Fiduciaries

SECTION 18-4-10

§ 18-4-10. Management powers exercised with court approval.

Whenever the sale, exchange, conveyance, or leasing of the whole or of any part or parts of any property held upon trust, whether the property is real, personal, or both, or the borrowing of money upon the credit of any trust property, or the extension or renewal of any existing obligation binding upon the whole or any part or parts of the trust property, or the platting of any lands held upon trust, or the dedication, laying out, or conveyance, with or without compensation, of any lands for streets or ways, either in connection with the platting or independently, shall, for any reason, appear to be desirable, the superior court, upon complaint brought by any trustee of any property, may, subject to the further provisions of §§ 18-4-11 – 18-4-14, authorize one or more of these transactions as may appear necessary or expedient, and may or may not require security for the application of the proceeds, and may, if necessary or desirable, authorize the making or creation of a mortgage, pledge, or other lien of or upon the whole or any part or parts of the trust property, for the purpose of securing any borrowing of money, or of securing any extension or renewal of an existing obligation.

History of Section.
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