Powers of Fiduciaries

SECTION 18-4-6

§ 18-4-6. Conveyance by infant trustee.

(a) Whenever any person seised or possessed of any real or personal estate upon any express, implied, resulting, or constructive trust is under the age of eighteen (18) years, the infant shall, when the circumstances of the trust require, or the trust is to be terminated, by direction of the superior court in any suit brought for that purpose, convey and transfer the estate to the person and in a manner, either personally or by master, that the court may direct; and every conveyance shall pass to the grantee in the estate all the interest of the infant in the estate, as effectually as if the infant were of full age at the time of making the conveyance.

(b) In case the infant does not make the conveyance, the infant may be compelled to make it by the court in like manner as if the infant were of full age.

History of Section.
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