Title 18

Chapter 9
Charitable Trusts

R.I. Gen. Laws § 18-9-13

§ 18-9-13. Annual fiduciary’s report.

(a) Any fiduciary holding property subject to equitable duties to deal with the property for charitable, educational, or religious purposes shall annually, on or before July 1, unless otherwise directed by the attorney general, make to the attorney general a written report for the last preceding fiscal year of the trust showing the property held and administered, the receipts and expenditures in connection with the trust, the names and addresses of the beneficiaries of the trust, and any other information that the attorney general may require.

(b) The trustee shall also pay an annual filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) to the attorney general for use in performing the duties authorized in this chapter.

(c) These fees shall be deposited in the general fund.

(d) Failure after notice for two (2) successive years to file a report shall constitute a breach of trust and the attorney general shall take any action that may be appropriate to compel compliance with this section.

History of Section.
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