Financial institutions

Creation and Expansion

SECTION 19-2-9

§ 19-2-9 Payment for stock in cash – Certificate authorizing transaction of business.

(a) The financial institution, if a stock financial institution, shall not issue any shares of stock until the par value of the shares has been actually paid in cash, free and clear of all encumbrances. When the whole capital stock has been issued, a complete list of the stockholders, with the name, residence, and post office address of each and the number of shares held by each, shall be filed with the director or the director's designee which list shall be verified under oath by two (2) of the principal officers of the financial institution.

(b) Upon receipt of the statement in the case of stock financial institutions, the director or his or her designee shall cause an examination to be made. If, after the examination, it appears that the whole capital stock has been paid in cash for stock financial institutions and that all requirements of law have been complied with, the director or the director's designee shall issue a certificate authorizing this financial institution to begin transaction of business, and then the subscribers, and their associates, successors, and assigns, shall be authorized to transact business as an organized financial institution, with all of the powers, rights, and privileges, and subject to the liabilities, duties, and restrictions imposed by law, and the records of the first meeting of the subscribers to the agreement to form shall become and be taken as the records of the first meeting of the financial institution. It shall be unlawful for any of these financial institutions to begin the transaction of business until this certificate has been granted.

(c) The financial institution shall in no way be obligated, directly or indirectly, for any indebtedness related to the shareholders' acquisition of capital stock.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1995, ch. 82, § 39.)