Financial Institutions


SECTION 19-26-11

§ 19-26-11. Proceeds of sales.

The surplus money, if any, rising from the sale, after deducting the amount of the loan, the interest then due on the loan, and the proportionate expense of advertising, if any, and of selling, if at public auction, shall be paid over by the pawnbroker to the person who would be entitled to redeem the pledge or pawn in case no sale had taken place. If there is surplus money, notice of the sale and of any balance due the pawnor or the person entitled shall be sent by the pawnbroker by registered or certified mail addressed to the pawnor at the place of residence specified in the record book. If any other person claims to be entitled to the money, and his or her place of residence is known to the pawnbroker, the pawnbroker shall also send that person notice, addressed to that person at his or her residence, by registered or certified mail. If the notice or notices are sent, and neither the pawnor nor the other person claims the balances within one year from the time of sending the notice or notices, he or she shall be barred from recovering the money from the pawnbroker. For every violation of this section or § 19-26-10, the pawnbroker shall be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500), and the pawnbroker's license shall become void.

History of Section.
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