Title 2
Agriculture and Forestry

Chapter 1
Agricultural Functions of Department of Environmental Management

Part 1
General Provisions

R.I. Gen. Laws 2-1-10

 2-1-10.  Inspection powers.

(a) For the purpose of conducting inspections, the director of environmental management and the director of health, or any of his or her agents or deputies, have authority to enter, at any reasonable time, any building, storehouse, warehouse, cold-storage plant, packing house, stockyard, railroad yard, railroad car, or any other building or place where farm products are produced, kept, stored, or offered for sale, or to enter upon any farm land for the purpose of inspecting farm products.

(b) The director of the department of environmental management, through the division of agriculture, shall continue to enforce the commercial growers of fruits and vegetables voluntary food safety program developed by the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and shall enforce the Food Safety Modernization Act as it pertains to commercial growers of fruits and vegetables.

History of Section.
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