Agriculture and Forestry

Agricultural Functions of Department of Environmental Management

PART 2-1-1
General Provisions


§ 2-1-6. Annual report – Publications.

The director of environmental management shall report annually to the general assembly at its January session. Two thousand (2,000) copies of the report shall be printed under the direction of the department of administration. The director shall distribute one copy of the report to each member of the general assembly, one to the city or town clerk of each town in the state for the use of the city or town, one to each public library, and a proper number to the University of Rhode Island, agricultural societies, farmers' clubs and granges in the state, and shall make any exchanges with other like organizations as may be deemed expedient. The director may cause to be printed and distributed from time to time, in pamphlet form, an analysis of commercial fertilizers, and any other information that the interests of agriculture may require.

History of Section.
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