Agriculture and Forestry

Agricultural Functions of Department of Environmental Management

PART 2-1-1
General Provisions


§ 2-1-8. Promotion of Rhode Island grown farm products and Rhode Island seafood.

The director of environmental management shall establish and administer a program to promote the marketing of Rhode Island seafood and farm products grown and produced in Rhode Island for the purpose of encouraging the development of the commercial fishing and agricultural sectors in the state. The director of environmental management shall:

(1) Collect and diffuse timely information relative to the seasonal supply, demand and prevailing prices of seafood and farm products, both at wholesale and retail, the movement of seafood and farm products through commercial channels, and the quantities and conditions of seafood and farm products in dry and cold storage.

(2) Assist and advise in the organization and maintenance of producers' and consumers' cooperative selling and buying associations.

(3) Investigate the cost of distributing seafood and farm products, both at wholesale and retail, and to publish these findings that may be of practical interest to the public.

(4) Furnish advice and assistance to the public with reference to buying of seafood and farm products and other matters relative to seafood and farm products.

(5) Take those lawful measures that may be deemed advisable to prevent waste or uneconomical use of seafood and farm products.

(6) Cooperate with various state and federal agencies having to do with seafood and farm products.

(7) Conduct efforts to promote interaction and business relationships between farmers, fishermen and restaurants, grocery stores, institutional cafeterias and other potential institutional purchasers of Rhode Island seafood and Rhode Island grown farm products, including, but not limited to:

(i) Organizing state-wide or regional events promoting Rhode Island grown or harvested seafood and farm products, where farmers, fishermen, and potential institutional customers are invited to participate. The director shall use his or her best efforts to solicit cooperation and participation from the farm, corporate, retail, wholesale and grocery communities in such advertising, internet-related and event planning efforts.

(8) The director shall report annually to the general assembly having cognizance of matters relating to the environment on issues with respect to efforts undertaken pursuant to the requirements of this section. The director may adopt, in accordance with § 2-1-9, such regulations as deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.

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