Agriculture and Forestry

Forest Fire Personnel

SECTION 2-11-3

§ 2-11-3. Compensation of fire chief, senior officer, and their employees.

Each fire chief, senior officer, and employee of any fire chief or senior officer shall receive an hourly rate equivalent to the existing state minimum hourly wage as prescribed by the minimum wage law, chapter 12 of title 28. Payment will be for his or her actual services rendered under this chapter and chapter 12 of this title in extinguishing forest fires. A person summoned by a fire chief or senior officer to assist in the extinguishment of a forest fire may be allowed once in any one day a three (3) hour minimum pay. Payment for property used under the direction of the fire chief or senior officer shall be made at a rate prescribed by the director of the department of environmental management. In addition to this compensation, each fire chief shall be paid one hundred dollars ($100) a year. This sum shall be in lieu of all allowances for making reports, for postage, for posting notices, for issuing permits, for telephoning, and for other services not provided in this chapter, provided that these services actually have been rendered, or that the expenses have been incurred.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1956, § 2-11-3; P.L. 1970, ch. 124, § 2.)