Agriculture and Forestry

Tree Wardens

SECTION 2-14-8

§ 2-14-8. Removal and pruning of trees.

Whenever, in the opinion of the tree warden, it is necessary to remove or prune any tree or shrub under his or her control, he or she may cause the tree or shrub to be removed or pruned at the expense of the town or city, and the town council or city council shall order paid to the person performing the work any reasonable compensation that may be determined and approved, in writing, by the tree warden. Unless the condition of the tree constitutes an immediate public hazard, he or she shall, at least five (5) days before the removal, post in the immediate vicinity a suitable notice stating his or her intention to remove the tree. If any person, firm or corporation objects to the removal, he or she or it may appeal to the tree warden, in writing, who shall hold a public hearing at some suitable time and place after giving reasonable notice of the hearing to all persons known to be interested and posting a suitable notice in the immediate vicinity. Within three (3) days after the hearing, the tree warden shall render his or her decision granting or denying the appeal. The department of transportation, the department of environmental management, and the park commission of any town or city have the right to remove or prune any tree or shrub at their own expense, but prior to the removal of any tree shall post a suitable notice in the immediate vicinity of the tree and, if requested, hold a public hearing and either grant or deny the appeal.

History of Section.
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