Agriculture and Forestry

Soil Amendments

SECTION 2-22-8

§ 2-22-8. Misbranding.

No person shall distribute a misbranded soil amendment. A soil amendment is deemed to be misbranded if:

(a) Its labeling is false or misleading in any particular;

(b) It is distributed under the name of another soil amendment;

(c) It is not labeled as required in §§ 2-22-4 and 2-22-5 and in accordance with regulations prescribed under this chapter;

(d) It purports to be or is represented as a soil amendment, unless that soil amendment conforms to the definitions of identity, if any, prescribed by regulation of the director of environmental management; in the adopting of those regulations, the director shall give due regard to commonly accepted definitions and official terms such as those issued by the association of American plant food control officials; or

(e) It does not conform to ingredient form, minimums, labeling and investigational allowances in the regulations adopted by the director.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1977, ch. 165, § 1.)