Fish and Wildlife

General Provisions

SECTION 20-1-18

§ 20-1-18. Collector's permits.

Notwithstanding any other restriction or prohibition set forth in this title or in §§ 11-47-20 and 11-47-51, the director is authorized to issue special permits for the taking, handling, and/or possession of any species of wild animal, of any size, age, and numbers as may be appropriate to persons for the purpose of study or management of wildlife populations, carrying out scientific experiments, and cultivation projects for which the director has responsibility. The director may require an applicant to provide any information that the director deems necessary to ascertain that there is scientific or ecological value in a bona fide experiment or project request. Failure to abide by the provisions of any permit, or failure to report any information required by the director, shall be cause for suspension or revocation of the permit.

History of Section.
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