Fish and Wildlife

Hunting and Hunting Safety

SECTION 20-13-2

§ 20-13-2. Safety instruction – Certificate of competency – Liability.

(a) The department of environmental management shall formulate courses of instruction in safe hunting practices and the handling and use of firearms and/or bow and arrow for persons applying for a license for the first time and shall designate one or more competent persons or organizations to give that instruction. Any person or organization so designated shall give safety instruction without charge to any person requesting instruction and shall, upon the successful completion of the course, forward the name of that person to the department. The department shall issue a certificate of competency to that person. The department may designate the police authorities of the several cities and towns to give safety instruction.

(b) There shall be no civil liability incurred, and no cause of action of any nature shall arise, against any member of the department of environmental management, its agents, servants, or employees, as a result of any decisions made by the department of environmental management, its members, agents, servants, or employees, under this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1981, ch. 197, § 3.)