Fish and Wildlife

CHAPTER 20-18.1
Nongame Wildlife Fund

SECTION 20-18.1-1

§ 20-18.1-1. Declaration of intent.

Whereas the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations recognizes that a diversified, stable, clean, and aesthetically satisfying natural environment is essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Rhode Island; and

Whereas such an environment contributes significantly to economic and social development and progress and is also of high value for educational, scientific, recreational, and other purposes; and

Whereas it is further recognized that the continued existence of this natural environment within Rhode Island is dependent upon the maintenance of a high order of diversity of life forms within that environment and is equally dependent upon the maintenance of sufficient and suitable natural habitat in which a diverse fauna and flora can reproduce, find food, shelter, and clean soil, water, and air and carry out those functions essential to sustain their existences; and

Whereas it is recognized that in addition to appropriate habitat, diversity and numbers of species and individuals in native faunal and floral populations is the key to maintaining a healthy, stable, and productive natural environment within which the citizens of Rhode Island can function; and

Whereas it is acknowledged that Rhode Island has a distinctive natural community of living things worthy of protection for its own sake and for the use and benefits of its people; and

Whereas it is further recognized that the existence of many individual species of animals and plants within Rhode Island has been, and may continue to be, threatened by the intentional and unintentional activities of humans in the course of their daily affairs:

It is hereby declared to be the intent of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, to provide a means by which "nongame wildlife" research and management may be financed through a voluntary checkoff of a portion of an income tax refund owed to a taxpayer by the state. It is also intended that funds generated by the checkoff be supplemental to any funds that would otherwise be available for the above purposes, and that the funds be used only for "nongame wildlife" research and management.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 437, § 1.)