Fish and Wildlife


SECTION 20-2-2

§ 20-2-2. Issuance of licenses.

Any person or corporation appointed by the director as provided in § 20-2-1 shall, upon the application of any person entitled to receive a license under this chapter and upon payment of the specified license fee, register and issue to that person a license, either printed or displayed electronically on a mobile device, so long as the certificate provides all of the information requested in the data fields identified by the department. The certificate shall bear the name, age, occupation, place of residence, signature, and identifying description of the registrant and shall authorize the registrant to fish or shellfish, or to pursue, hunt, and kill game in the state of Rhode Island during those seasons and in those manners and according to those conditions, as shall be provided by law; provided, however, that these authorized agents shall not have authority to issue lobster, commercial shellfish, or commercial fishing licenses of any kind.

History of Section.
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