Fish and Wildlife

Commercial Fisheries

SECTION 20-4-1.1

§ 20-4-1.1. Finfish dealers license – License for finfish buyers – Suspension or revocation.

(a) No person, partnership, firm, association, or corporation shall barter or trade in finfish taken by persons licensed under this chapter unless a license so to do has been obtained from the director of environmental management.

(b) Any licensee operating under the provisions of this section shall purchase finfish from licensed persons only and shall purchase or possess only those finfish legally taken or possessed.

(c) The director shall issue and enforce rules and regulations and orders governing bartering and trading in finfish by licensed fishers of finfish and licensed finfish buyers and other persons, partnerships, firms, associations, or corporations.

(d) The director may suspend, revoke, or deny the license of a finfish buyer or fisher of finfish for the violation of any provision of this title or the rules, regulations, or orders adopted or issued pursuant to this title.

(e) Any person aggrieved by the decisions of the director may appeal the decision pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act, chapter 35 of title 42.

(f) The director of the department of environmental management and the director's agents are authorized to enter and inspect the business premises, appurtenant structures, vehicles, or vessels of any finfish buyer and to inspect the records maintained by a finfish buyer for the purpose of determining compliance with the provisions of this section and any rules, regulations, or orders issued under this section, and no person shall interfere with, obstruct the entrance, or inspection of the director, or the director's agents, of those business premises, appurtenant structures, vehicles, or vessels.

(g) Any violation of the provisions of this section, or any rule, regulation, or order adopted under this section, shall be subject to penalties prescribed in § 20-1-16.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 133, art 17, § 3.)