Fish and Wildlife

Commercial Fisheries

SECTION 20-4-4

§ 20-4-4. Otter trawls, pair trawls, and beam trawls – Penalties.

Any person who operates an otter, beam, or pair trawl or other mechanical trawling device without a license as provided in § 20-4-3, shall, upon conviction, be fined five hundred dollars ($500) for each offense, or may be imprisoned not exceeding thirty (30) days, or both. In addition to any fines imposed for failure to secure a license, the person shall be subject to the same penalties as set forth in § 20-1-16 should the person set a beam, pair, or otter trawl or other mechanical trawling device in areas prohibited by § 20-4-2 or rules adopted under this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1981, ch. 197, § 3.)