Fish and Wildlife

Fish Traps

SECTION 20-5-15

§ 20-5-15. Seizure of abandoned or unlawful traps – Destruction or sale.

The department may take possession of any abandoned fish trap and appurtenances; or any fish trap and appurtenances placed in a location for which no permit has been obtained; or any fish trap and appurtenances for which a permit location has been obtained but that the owner of the fish trap and appurtenances may willfully maintain in a wrong position or location; and may destroy the fish trap and appurtenances, or may dispose of them at public auction to the highest bidder, first giving notice of the time and place of sale by publishing the notice at least three (3) times a week for two (2) successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation with power to adjourn the sale from time to time, giving like notice of the adjournment; and make and execute to the purchaser at the sale a good and sufficient conveyance of all right, title, and interest in and to the fish trap and appurtenances; and to receive the proceeds of the sale and pay the proceeds into the treasury of the state; and the state controller shall draw orders upon the general treasurer for the payment of all expenses of taking possession and disposing of a fish trap and any appurtenances, upon receipt by him or her of proper vouchers, approved by the director of environmental management, and the general treasurer shall pay the orders out of moneys appropriated for that purpose.

History of Section.
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