Title 20
Fish and Wildlife

Chapter 8.1
Shellfish Grounds

R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-8.1-3

§ 20-8.1-3. Investigation of shellfish grounds — Notice of polluted areas.

The director shall investigate the sanitary condition of the waters overlying shellfish grounds. Those waters that are found to be in an unsatisfactory sanitary condition for the taking of shellfish for human consumption shall be declared to be polluted areas. The director shall give annual notice as to those areas of the waters of the state that he or she has declared to be polluted by advertising this action in at least one public newspaper published in the city of Providence. The director shall provide notice with each shellfish license issued or reissued after December 31, 1994, that it is the obligation of each licensee to inquire by calling a dedicated telephone line, or dedicated teletext phone for persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired (TTY) line maintained by the department of environmental management prior to taking any shellfish in the waters of the state that are conditionally approved waters. The director shall arrange for notice to be provided on the telephone and TTY telephone lines as to those conditionally approved waters of the state that the director declares to be polluted from which no shellfish may be taken.

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