Food And Drugs

Pickled Fish

SECTION 21-15-17

§ 21-15-17. Packers' fees.

The packers of fish shall be paid for opening, assorting, inspecting, weighing, pickling, packing, or repacking, heading up, nailing, and giving a certificate, if pickled codfish or mackerel, twenty cents ($0.20) for every barrel and fifteen cents ($0.15) for every half barrel by the owner of the fish; provided, that for all pickled codfish or mackerel which have been inspected in one of the United States and which shall not in the judgment of the packer require repacking, the owner shall only pay to the packer twenty cents ($0.20) for unheading, inspecting, reheading, branding, nailing, and giving a certificate of the work, and for all other, except codfish and mackerel, the owner of the fish shall pay the packer twenty-five cents ($0.25) for every cask.

History of Section.
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