Food And Drugs

Milk Sanitation Code

SECTION 21-2-31

§ 21-2-31. Labeling of containers of milk and milk products.

(a) All containers in or from which milk or milk products are sold or offered for sale shall bear a label in accordance with regulations adopted under this chapter.

(b) All labels or marks shall be displayed in the manner and include any matters as shall be prescribed by the rules and regulations of the director; provided, nothing contained in this section shall be construed to empower the director to disapprove of or to change any dealer from using the common name of his or her firm, or of any registered trademark, brand, or trade name customarily used by him or her in the identification of any or all of his or her products.

(c) Samples of all labels or marks to be used on containers of milk or milk products shall be submitted for approval as to color, size of lettering, and matter. No misleading mark or words shall be placed on any container of milk or milk products. The cap or cover of all containers of milk or milk products must cover the pouring lip to at least its largest diameter.

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