Food And Drugs

Nonalcoholic Bottled Beverages, Drinks and Juices

SECTION 21-23-5

§ 21-23-5. Contamination of containers.

Whoever by himself or herself or by his or her servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any other person, firm, or corporation having custody of a reusable jar, bottle, measure, or other vessel used as a container for any carbonated or nonalcoholic beverage, soda water, fruit juice or drink, bottled drinking water either plain or carbonated, or any other so-called soft drink, places or causes or permits to be placed in it any offal, kerosene, or article other than waters or beverages as enumerated in this chapter, or any agent used for cleaning the jar, bottle, measure or other vessel, shall be punished by a fine of ten dollars ($10.00) for each reusable misused container.

History of Section.
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