Food And Drugs

Flour and Bread

SECTION 21-24-5

§ 21-24-5. Investigative powers.

For the purpose of enforcement of this chapter and the regulations in effect or adopted pursuant to this chapter, the director, or the officers or employees under his or her supervision as he or she may designate, is authorized to take samples for analysis and to conduct examinations and investigations, and to enter at reasonable times any factory, mill, bakery, warehouse, shop, or establishment where cereal flours, bread, rolls, or related products are manufactured, processed, packed, sold, or held, or any vehicle being used for their transportation, and to inspect the place or vehicle and any flours, bakery products, or related products in the place or vehicle, and all pertinent equipment, materials, containers, and labeling.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1982, ch. 76, § 1.)