Food And Drugs

CHAPTER 21-28.1
Narcotic Guidance Council

SECTION 21-28.1-2

§ 21-28.1-2. Powers and duties.

Narcotic guidance councils shall develop a program of community participation regarding control of the use of narcotics at the local level. These councils shall direct themselves toward accomplishing the following:

(1) Make immediately available to the community, basic knowledge acquired in the field of drug use especially by youth;

(2) Create a climate in which persons seeking assistance in coping with narcotics problems can meet, without embarrassment, with responsible individuals or agencies in a position to render assistance;

(3) Authorize persons approved by the council to contact and counsel persons within the community suspected of using narcotics or those persons allegedly having knowledge of that usage; and

(4) Cooperate with other narcotic guidance councils and with the state, and federal narcotics commissions and agencies in bringing local and community trouble areas to their attention.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1970, ch. 24, § 1.)