Food And Drugs

CHAPTER 21-28.1
Narcotic Guidance Council

SECTION 21-28.1-3

§ 21-28.1-3. Composition of councils.

(a) Narcotic guidance councils shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members who shall be appointed by the local city or town councils for a term not exceeding three (3) years and shall whenever practicable include at least one member of the clergy, one attorney and one physician.

(b) The presiding officer or chairperson of the council shall be designated by the local city or town council from among the members as appointed to the council. The local city or town council shall have authority to remove any member of the council appointed for cause, after a public hearing, if requested. A vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as an original appointment. The local city or town council may provide for compensation to be paid to the members of the council and is also empowered and authorized to make any appropriation for expenses incurred by the council. The council may appoint any clerks and other employees as it may require with the approval of the local city or town council. The services and expenses of the council shall not exceed the appropriation that may be made for them by the local city or town council.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1970, ch. 24, § 1.)