Food And Drugs

Uniform Controlled Substances Act

ARTICLE 21-28-1.01
Short Title and Definitions

SECTION 21-28-1.01

§ 21-28-1.01. Short title and declaration.

(a) This chapter may be cited as the "Rhode Island Controlled Substances Act", and shall be so interpreted and construed as to effectuate its general purpose.

(b) The general purposes of this chapter are as follows:

(1) To establish a more rational system of regulating substances which may pose a danger to the public health;

(2) To create a system for classifying the substances relative to their abuse potential, their medical utility, and their likelihood of creating dependency;

(3) To fix penalties for the sale, possession, or manufacture of substances which are in proportion to their danger to the public health;

(4) To develop a system of tracing the flow of substances in commerce and in health as to prevent their improper diversion;

(5) To establish and define the powers of investigation, enforcement, and adjudication required to implement the above purposes; and to establish a system of substances control which is, to the extent possible, uniform with the laws of the United States and of its states.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1974, ch. 183, § 2.)