Title 21
Food and Drugs

Chapter 28
Uniform Controlled Substances Act

Article III
Regulation of Manufacturing, Distributing, Prescribing, Administering, and Dispensing Controlled Substances

R.I. Gen. Laws 21-28-3.02

 21-28-3.02.  Registration requirements.

(a) Every person who manufactures, distributes, prescribes, administers, or dispenses any controlled substance within this state, or who proposes to engage in the manufacture, distribution, prescribing, administering, or dispensing of any controlled substance within this state, must obtain annually a registration issued by the director of health in accordance with his or her rules.

(b) Persons registered by the director of health under this chapter to manufacture, distribute, prescribe, administer, dispense, or conduct research with those substances may do so to the extent authorized by their registration and in conformity with the other provisions of this chapter.

(c) As a condition of the initial registration or renewal of the practitioner's authority to prescribe controlled substances, all such practitioners shall be automatically registered with the prescription-drug-monitoring database maintained by the department of health.

(d) By January 1, 2017, the director of health shall develop regulations for appropriate training in best prescribing practices needed for license renewal.

History of Section.
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