Food And Drugs

Uniform Controlled Substances Act

ARTICLE 21-28-5.01
Powers of Enforcement Personnel

SECTION 21-28-5.07.4

§ 21-28-5.07.4. Control of controlled substance.

(a) Any controlled substance, which has been authorized to be used by the state police, local police or investigator appointed pursuant to § 42-9-8.1 designated by the attorney general in investigations of controlled substance violations shall be kept under the physical control of the requesting law enforcement agency until the controlled substance is to be used in an investigation.

(b) When used in an investigation, at no time shall any substantial amount of the controlled substance be physically delivered to a person unless the police intend to and are able to immediately arrest the person to whom the controlled substance was delivered for commission of a felony criminal offense.

(c) Upon final disposition of all matters regarding the use of any controlled substances in accordance with § 21-28-5.07.1, the controlled substance shall be destroyed in accordance with the provisions of § 21-28-5.07.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1991, ch. 295, § 1; P.L. 2002, ch. 292, § 54.)