Food And Drugs

CHAPTER 21-31.1
Veterinary Drugs

SECTION 21-31.1-13

§ 21-31.1-13. Prohibited acts.

The following acts and the causing of them are prohibited:

(1) The distribution within the state of Rhode Island of a veterinary drug without a valid permit.

(2) The distribution of a prescription veterinary drug to, or its possession by, any person other than the following:

(i) A person holding a permit required by § 21-31.1-4(a).

(ii) A veterinarian's client or his or her agent, provided that the drug is dispensed by or on the prescription of the veterinarian as the relationship is defined in § 21-31.1-2(13).

(3) The failure to keep records on distribution and receipt of veterinary drugs as required by § 21-31.1-7.

(4) The use of a code or euphemism on records, required by § 21-31.1-7, which causes the true nature of a veterinary drug to be concealed.

(5) The failure to permit entry or inspection and collection of samples as authorized by § 21-31.1-11, or to produce for examination the records required to be kept by § 21-31.1-7.

(6) The extra-label use of a veterinary drug by any person except as provided by § 21-31.1-12.

(7) The removal or other authorized disposition of a drug while under detention as provided by § 21-31.1-15.

(8) The failure to have a valid permit posted as described in § 21-31.1-1-4(d).

History of Section.
(P.L. 1988, ch. 172, § 1.)