Food And Drugs

CHAPTER 21-31.1
Veterinary Drugs

SECTION 21-31.1-16

§ 21-31.1-16. Seizure and condemnation.

Any veterinary drug found in violation of this chapter shall be liable to be proceeded against and seized and condemned upon petition to the judge of the police, county, or circuit court in whose jurisdiction the drug is found. Any drug condemned under this section shall, after entry of the decree, be disposed of by destruction or sale as the court may direct and the proceeds of the sale, if sold, less the legal costs and charges, shall be paid into the treasury of the state of Rhode Island; but these articles shall not be sold or disposed of contrary to the provisions of this chapter; provided, that after entry of the decree and upon the payment of the costs of the proceedings and the execution of a good and sufficient bond conditioned that the article shall not be sold or disposed of contrary to the provisions of this chapter, the court may by order direct that the drug be delivered to its owner, to be destroyed or brought into compliance by obtaining a permit or delivery to a permit holder under the supervision of an authorized representative of the director, and the expenses of the supervision shall be paid by the person obtaining release of the drug under bond.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1988, ch. 172, § 1.)