Food And Drugs

Home Food Service Sales

SECTION 21-35-1

§ 21-35-1. Legislative findings.

It is found that the state of Rhode Island is in need of a regulatory format for the sale of home food service plans to ensure that consumers receive straightforward and informative disclosure as to the identity, quantity, weight and price of their purchase, while also assuring that those within the industry have a clear understanding of what they are required to disclose to a consumer. Disclosure by a simple one page written agreement which shows the price of the food and nonfood items, the price of the service charge and the total price of the plan, along with the document disclosing both a unit price and the item price should provide the consumer with significant and useful information. That information will permit consumers to judge whether or not the price of the food offered for sale is what they want to pay, whether the cost of the services associated with the plan is what they want to pay and whether the total price of the plan is what they want to pay, and thus allow for an informed consumer value decision to be made.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 99, § 1.)