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Home Food Service Sales

SECTION 21-35-3

§ 21-35-3. Contract and disclosure requirements at the time of sale.

(a) The seller shall provide the buyer with a single document, referred to in this subsection as the "written agreement", which shall clearly and conspicuously disclose the following:

(1) The name, address and telephone number of the seller and the name and address of the buyer;

(2) The date of the contract;

(3) The price of the food and non-food items of the home food service plan;

(4) The price of any service charge associated with the home food service plan;

(5) The total price of the home food service plan including the price of the food and non-food items, and the price of the service charge; and

(6) A statement that the buyer shall have the right to cancel the home food service plan contract until midnight of the third (3rd) business day after the date on which the buyer executed the contract or after the day on which the seller provided the buyer with a fully executed copy of the contract, whichever is later, by giving written notice of cancellation to the seller. A notice in the form provided in federal or state statutes, rules or regulations governing form of notice of right of cancellation, shall be deemed satisfactory notice of the requirements of this subsection.

(b) In addition to the disclosures required by this section on the written agreement, the following disclosures are required to be provided to the buyer in additional contract documents at the time of sale:

(1) A written list of all food and non-food items to be sold, which shall include:

(i) The identity of each item and, where applicable, the USDA quality grade; the primal source; and the brand or trade name;

(ii) The quantity of each item;

(iii) The estimated serving size by net weight of each price of meat, poultry and seafood item offered for sale under the home food service plan; provided, that these estimates shall not differ from the actual weight at the time of delivery by more than five percent (5%), and that the dollar value of the meat, poultry and seafood items delivered is equal to or greater than that represented to the buyer; and

(iv) The net weight, measure or count of all other food and non-food items offered for sale;

(2) A dated item price list stating in dollars and cents the price per kilogram or pound or other applicable unit of measure, and the total sale price of each food item to be delivered. This price list shall clearly and conspicuously make reference to whether there are additional costs disclosed in the written contract relating to any "service charges" associated with the purchase of the home food service plan;

(3) If a membership is sold, a written statement of all terms, conditions, benefits and privileges applicable to the membership.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 99, § 1.)