Title 22
General Assembly

Chapter 11
Joint Committee on Legislative Services

R.I. Gen. Laws § 22-11-3.4

§ 22-11-3.4. Duties of the law revision director.

(a) In addition to other duties assigned to the law revision director, he or she shall rearrange, rephrase, and consolidate the public laws and acts and resolves of the general assembly so that redundancies may be avoided, obsolete enactments eliminated, contradictions reconciled, omissions supplied, and imperfections cured. The law revision director has no authority either to change the law or to alter the substance of the statutes but shall alert the general assembly annually to specific changes, which may be required. In addition, a report shall be filed annually with the general assembly which shall indicate which sections of the general laws at the previous session had more than one amendment and displaying a copy of the final version of the statute on the first legislative day of the next subsequent session of the general assembly.

(b) The law revision director shall, by February 1, 2020, file a report with the general assembly proposing amendments to those sections of the general laws that do not use appropriate disability language as required by § 43-3-7.1. The report shall also include a list of those statutes for which amendments are not being proposed pursuant to § 43-3-7.1 because the director had determined that such amendments could alter the intent of the statute. The report shall be prepared after consultation with the governor’s commission on disabilities.

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