Title 22
General Assembly

Chapter 11
Joint Committee on Legislative Services

R.I. Gen. Laws § 22-11-3

§ 22-11-3. Functions.

(a) It shall be exclusively the responsibility of the joint committee to act upon all administrative matters affecting the operation of the general assembly, including, but not limited to:

(1) The preparation of the legislative payrolls;

(2) The preparation of requests for the annual operating budget for the general assembly;

(3) The control of house and senate appropriations, including expenditures of standing, select, and special committees of the general assembly, except those provided otherwise by law;

(4) All printing for the general assembly and its members and staff including, but not limited to, stationery, bills and journals and covers for them, daily calendars, public laws, acts of a local and private nature, and resolutions;

(5) The procuring of office space, supplies, equipment, and professional and technical assistants for the general assembly; and

(6) The exclusive responsibility for the purchase or rental of and the installation, obtaining, upkeep, and maintenance of electronic voting devices and equipment incidental to the devices, and sound systems for the house of representatives and senate chambers, including, but not limited to, entering into contracts and agreements for the purchase, rental, installation, or maintenance of the equipment and procuring the necessary supplies for the systems.

(b) In addition, the joint committee will have exclusive authority on office space allocations and maintenance and repair in this state capitol building for all agencies of government, except the offices of the governor and the offices of the secretary of state.

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