General Assembly

Fiscal Notes

SECTION 22-12-3

§ 22-12-3. Request for fiscal notes.

(a) Fiscal notes shall only be requested by the chairperson of the house or senate finance committee upon being notified by another committee chairperson, the sponsor of the bill or resolution, or in the case of bills or resolutions affecting cities or towns, by the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns in addition to the individuals referred to in this section, of the existence of any bill or resolution described in § 22-12-1. Requests shall be made in the form and substance as may be requested by the finance committee chairperson, and shall be forwarded through the house or senate fiscal adviser to the state budget officer, who shall determine the agency or agencies affected by the bill, or for bills affecting cities and towns to the chief executive official of the cities and the towns, the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, and the department of revenue. The budget officer shall then be responsible, in cooperation with these agencies, for the preparation of the fiscal note, except that the department of administration, in consultation and cooperation with the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, shall be responsible for the preparation of the fiscal note for bills affecting cities and towns.

(b) The chairperson of either the house finance or senate finance committee may also require executive branch agencies to provide performance metrics when legislation affecting an agency's program or policy has an economic impact.

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