General Assembly

Auditor General

SECTION 22-13-3

§ 22-13-3. Salaries and expenses.

(a) The expenses of the members of the committee shall be approved by the chairperson of the committee and paid from the appropriation for legislative expense.

(b) The auditor general shall prepare and annually submit to the committee a proposed budget for the ensuing fiscal year. The committee shall review the budget request and may amend or change the budget request as it deems necessary. The budget request, as amended or changed by the committee, shall become the operating budget of the auditor general for the ensuing fiscal year; provided, that the budget so adopted may subsequently be amended under the same procedure.

(c) Within the limitations of the approved operating budget, the salaries and expenses of the auditor general and his or her staff shall be paid from the appropriation for legislative expense or any other moneys appropriated by the legislature for that purpose. The joint committee on legislative services shall approve all bills for salaries and expenses.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1973, ch. 225, § 1.)