General Assembly

Organization of General Assembly

SECTION 22-3-14

§ 22-3-14. Correction of lists on certificate presented after call to order.

In case any person whose name does not appear on the lists shall, upon the calling to order as provided in this chapter of the senate and house of representatives, respectively, and before organization, present to the secretary of state a certificate of that person's election to the office of senator or representative, over the signatures of the board of elections, and there being no certificate of the election of any other person to that office returned to or received by the secretary of state as provided in this chapter, the secretary of state in the senate and the reading clerk in the house of representatives shall correct the lists, respectively, by placing on them the name of the person presenting the certificate as senator or representative as the case may be, from the senatorial district or representative district which it appears by the certificate he or she is entitled to represent, and by erasing from the list where it appears the name of the person previously placed on it as senator or representative by reason of no certificate of the election of any person to that office having been received by the secretary of state.

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